DIY Round Pedestal Dining Table

Hey Everyone!! Hope your new year is off to a great start and you are punching all your goals in the face!!😁👊 I have already missed about 10 goals that I set for myself this last month…but then again, who sets that many goals in one month anyway? 🙋😂 One goal I did meet was completing this round pedestal dining table though!

As usual, one of my goals is to post far more often and far more consistently here on my blog…but seeing as this is my FIRST post and the first month is already over…I am failing!!😬🤪 But, this is a great post that I am pretty excited to share! I built this DIY round pedestal dining table and it challenged me to try several new things that I have not tried before! So check out my new favorite dining table!! Lol!!

Round Pedestal Dining Table with wicker chairs

As a member of the Sawdust Squad (a mentor group started by Sandra who owns the blog Sawdustgirl.com) Sandra is pushing us to try new woodworking techniques each month and giving us all the help and encouragement we need along the way! I couldn’t be happier that Sandra has taken us under her wing and offered to mentor us on anything and everything remodeling, woodworking, blogging, and more!

view of the concrete tabletop of the round outdoor dining table with wicker chairs and flowers and cupcakes on the table

I am behind a few months since my Grandma passed away, but Sandra challenged us to use a wood joinery technique that was new to us! I chose the half-lap joint because I had this table in the back of my mind for months but knew to support the concrete top that I wanted to give it, I was probably going to need something a little bit sturdier than just pocket holes! Although I did still use them on the more decorative parts to keep them in place! Lol!

So if you want all the information on how I cut my half-lap joints, make sure and check it out on Sawdustgirl.com

DIY Round Pedestal Dining Table - half lap joint making a cross

BTW, If you would like to visit the blogs of the other bloggers that are in my mentor group here are their links…trust me, you won’t regret heading over and checking their blogs out…well, your project list may grow tremendously, but hey, it’s worth it!! 😉

Timisha – Toolbox Divas

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Shara – Woodshop Diaries

Alright, now where was I? Oh yeah, telling you all about this little round pedestal dining table!🤩

Round Pedestal Dining Table with round concrete top

I am slightly smitten with her!!😍

Alright, alright, I bet you are thinking, “Would you stop talking and show me how to build one?” I read your mind, right?😜

Well, here you go! I am going to break up the pedestal base building from the concrete top, so if you aren’t interested in building the base, here’s the link to the Round Concrete Tabletop Tutorial!

Free printable plans can be downloaded soon and will be found right here!

Gathering Supplies to Build the Round Pedestal Dining Table Base

This pedestal base cost around 45 bucks for the wood, and then another 45 bucks for the concrete, so all in all 90-100 bucks to build a beautiful round outdoor dining table that will make any backyard or patio look amazing! Plus, have you checked prices on outdoor furniture lately, it’s all pretty darn ridiculous!

Materials List for the pedestal base:

NOTE: Amazon links below are affiliate links! Affiliate links are links that generate a small commission should you make a purchase after clicking one, at no extra cost to you! The small commission helps me keep this little ole blog alive with new content and free plans! So I thank you in advance for shopping my links!😉

Cut List:

  • 4 – 4×4 @ 27 1/2″ I ripped mine down to 3″x3″ instead of 3.5″x3.5″ (I used scrap pieces of 4×4 that I had, they were all already 27 1/2″ you can make these a little longer if you prefer, you have plenty of board for it)
  • 4 – 4×4 @ 22 1/2″
  • 2 – 2×2 @ 26 5/8″ (make sure and measure this for yourself, do not cut before putting the 4x4s together)!
  • 4 – 2×2 @ your measurement – they were all ever so slightly different (make sure and measure this for yourself, do not cut before putting the 4x4s together)!

Building the Round Pedestal Dining Table Base

Alright, getting started on this table, as I mentioned earlier, Sandra wanted us to step out of our comfort zones to try something new…you know how good I am at that?! Not good at all really!! Lol!! So I wanted to try a half-lap joint because I knew it would be the only way to support the concrete top by having the wooden cross in the middle. I have an extensive post on cutting the half-lap joints on Sandra’s site and I suggest you take a look at that post if you haven’t ever cut half-lap joints! I’ll wait for you to check it out and come back!

Okay, so now that you know how to cut a half-lap joint and where we used them, you will have two pieces that look like this!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

And when you put them together they should look a little something like this!

half lap joint

I wanted to have angled ends so I cut them at 30 degrees off square I believe! Leaving a 1/2″ at the bottom uncut.

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

Make sure that when you make the angled cuts you cut the opposite sides, one goes upside down on the other, remember! Use ample wood glue to make this one strong joint!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

Copy this same process again to make another X just like it! Then you will have a top and bottom to your table base!

Using the 4x4s @ 22 1/2″ I placed two in between the top and bottom of the table base, using 3 3/4″ screws and my handy dandy countersink bit to make sure the screws were not sticking up at all! I sat the legs back a 1/2″ from where the angled ended on the top and bottom.

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

I only screwed in two boards at first to make it easier when cutting the first X. So once I had the legs in I measured for the Xs…make sure and measure your own piece as a slight 1/8″ off on where you placed your leg can make a difference in the size you need to cut your X!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

I forgot to take a picture while I was cutting the boards for the Xs…basically I just did the whole, set the board up against the opening and trace the angles onto the boards, take it outside and find the angle using the miter saw! LoL! It works pretty well actually! I lost my paper with all the angles, and I actually built the base back in November…I’m pretty certain the angles were cut at 30 degrees off square but make sure and check it the same way I mentioned above!

This first X was half-lapped in the post I did for Sandra as well, so make sure and take another peek at that post if you need help!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

Not bad for my very first angled half-lap joint, I’ll surely take it! I glued this in without any screws because I just couldn’t get any tool in this working space…so if you have a way…please share it with me!! LoL!!

Next, I added the other two legs and screwed them in, so I could cut my other X…this one did not get a fancy half lap though…I could not even wrap my head around how to make them all fit! So I pieced them together!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

The four smallest pieces, of course, took me the longest to cut! 😬 Getting the angles right was not the easiest task! But I managed and now I can hopefully save you a few minutes by not having to figure them out! They are cut on one end at 28 degrees off square and the other end is cut at 62 degrees off square.

You will probably notice that your saw doesn’t cut 62 degrees off square, but it easily can but simply clamping a board up against the fence as I did in the pics below and turning your miter saw to 28 degrees off square!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table
DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

Now, you have to meet the two pieces on each side and trim their angles a little! I just marked the middle of my other X to know where to trim it, it is cut at the same angle 62 degrees off square!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table
DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

They will all look like this!

To attach all these pieces I used lots of wood glue of course, and one pocket hole on each end of the pieces (the ones touching the top and bottom, not the ones in the center!) I just clamped all the ones in the center with ample wood glue!

Pedestal Dining table base with X

I gave the round pedestal dining table base a nice sanding and finished it in Briarsmoke by Varathane! I Love the color of Briarsmoke, it has a true gray-brown to it in real life, I know the pics look like it’s really brown, but it is much more gray than it looks, I promise!

DIY Round Concrete Dining Table

Didn’t this DIY dining table turn out so beautiful?!

another picture of the round outdoor dining table with wicker chairs

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be sitting here waiting on summer so I can have picnics on the front porch with my kiddos!! Lol!!

Get the instructions for the DIY round concrete top! And, If you are interested in other concrete projects I have done, here are a few you may want to check out!

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Apparently, I enjoy working with concrete! Lol! I didn’t even realize I had so many concrete projects, I even made some concrete Christmas trees, and concrete gnome stocking holders! Someone come take the gray powder away from this girl!😏

I would love to see it if you build this round pedestal dining table! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Happy Building!

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Collage of pics of the round pedestal dining table from different angles
collage of photos of the round pedestal dining table from different angles
Round pedestal dining table outside with wicker chairs and cupcakes and flowers on the table
round concrete top dining table with two wicker chairs and some cupcakes sitting on the table with a pitcher of flowers
DIY Round Pedestal Dining Table


  1. Your table turned out awesome and I’m smitten too. I’ve missed about 10 goals so far this year too, so were — Twinsies! LOL I’m always so proud of you when you conquer a new challenge. Way to go your latest WIN!

    1. Aww! Thank you so much Sandra! And if I’m gonna be twinsies with someone, I’ll happily be twinsies with you!! Lol!! I appreciate all the help and support that you are so graciously giving to all of us!! You’re the best!! πŸ˜‰

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