Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!

Hey there!! Welcome to The Inspired Workshop (formerly Build It Craft It Love It), the place I write up tutorials on all the things I build, craft, renovate… or burn because they didn’t turn out the way I wanted!! Lol!! My name is Cara and I am the crazy nut behind this blog, and here’s where you get to know all about me!

I am a Texas girl born and raised, and probably one of the biggest dorks you will ever meet!! I don’t take life too seriously…at all…I may be just an overgrown kid!!! I LOVE to laugh…like may have a problem…I laugh at inappropriate times, I sometimes snort when I laugh, laugh so hard I cry and my abs burn, my cheeks hurt and I can’t breathe!!  If you make me laugh, we are automatically friends…like it or not! 🤗

I am married to my hubby of 16 years…that is a really long time…when you are as young as I am!! 😅 I’m glad he has put up with my crazy booty all this time!! He’s a real trooper, ahem, I mean, I make it really easy to love me, even though he may comment on my stubbornness if asked! 🙄

I have two AMAZING little boys…I know, I know, every mom says that!! But I really mean it!! Lol!! I hate being away from my kiddos, they are my world, my everything…and they are the BEST! Two little creatures that are now 16 and 13 and the most fun to be around! Maybe just because they are dorks like me and have my wonderful sense of humor! 😂

I am PASSIONATE about DIY, I mean as a penny pinching stay-at-home mom, I had to get creative to make a home that we could enjoy and still want to look at and after I saved for a year to buy my boys bedroom sets from Pottery Barn Kids only to have the delivery men put a large knick in a bed as they were setting it up and realizing that it was made from PINE…I realized I was missing a golden opportunity, I could build that for way cheaper!

And that is where it all started…it was a domino effect after a quick internet search when I found Shanty-2-Chic, Ana-White, and Jen Woodhouse! I built a sandbox, a shelf, a blanket ladder, an easel, and a coffee table from their plans, and the next thing I knew I was drawing up plans of my own and wanting to share them with everyone just as these FINE ladies did with me! They inspired me and helped light a little spark in my soul that I want to pass on to anyone who may need what I needed at that time!

My goal here is to help take the fear out of picking up any tool and trying it out, having a goal, and even if it takes you 3 years to get that room renovated or piece of furniture built, you are willing to try! So I hope you come along and see how easy it is to build the home, or heck, the chicken coop of your dreams! There is nothing like creating with your own hands and I hope you’ll get your sawdusty with me!😉 I am so GLAD you are here!