DIY Concrete Christmas Trees

Ooh, la la! Do you know the best thing about Christmas decorations? They don’t have to be expensive or break the bank to look good! You can make these DIY Christmas Trees from a little concrete, plastic solo cups, and wood finials! And, they will only set you back about ten to fifteen bucks to make as many as you want!

DIY Concrete Christmas Trees with gold finials

I mean how cute are they?! For practically FREE! Lol! I happen to LOVE to work with concrete and if you haven’t ever worked with it before, this is the perfect project to get your hands dirty and try it out! I am telling you, it’s pretty addicting!

DIY Christmas Trees made with concrete and wood finials on the fireplace mantel

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Concrete cone christmas trees along with little white ceramic houses

I was given the wrong size cups on my curbside order the other day, and I was looking at them and thought, those would be cute Christmas trees if you could stack them somehow. As I was playing around with them, it lead to taking a couple of every size cup I had in the pantry and pouring concrete into them!

Next thing you know, I have a little forest of concrete Christmas trees! 😆

Five christmas trees made out of concrete and topped with gold wooden finials

Want to make some for yourself? I know you do!

Gathering the Supplies to Make the DIY Christmas Trees with Concrete

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Materials Needed to make the Christmas Trees:

  • Plastic cups of various sizes: 18 oz, 9 0z, 6 oz, and 2 oz
  • portland cement
  • sand – this is much cheaper from the hardware store but you may not want a large bag of it because you will only need a tiny bit!
  • wooden finials and candle sticks – I was able to find all of the ones I used at Hobby Lobby in the wood crafts section, but you can find some other options at the links I gave, granted Hobby Lobby is cheaper!
  • quick set epoxy
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • spray paint, acrylic paint, or stain to finish your finials and candlesticks

No cut list is needed for this project! Woohoo!

Pouring the Concrete for the DIY Christmas Trees

Alright, grab as many cups as you want to make as many trees as you want!

DIY Christmas Trees made from concrete - getting ready to pour the concrete into cups

Mix up some cement, I used one of my 18 oz plastic cups to scoop the cement out of the bag, I found that it took around 13 full cups to pour enough cement for all the cups!

mixing the cement for the diy christmas trees

There wasn’t an exact science to the ratio of water in the mix, about 3 cups or so. You want the consistency to be like peanut butter, not too wet but not too dry, it is sort of pourable though…you will also add a cup or two of sand to the mixture, just a little bit to make sure the cement doesn’t crack on you!

mixing the concrete into cups for the christmas trees
pouring the concrete into the cups to make the DIY christmas trees

Make sure and tap the sides of the cups to get out the air bubbles! As you can see on my finished trees, I tapped a lot on the larger cups and not too much on the smaller ones! Oopsie!

tapping the cup of concrete to get the air bubbles out

Fill all your cups and cover them with plastic to keep them from drying out too quickly! You can use a garbage bag or any plastic bag!

Getting all the cups filled with cement for the concrete christmas trees

I didn’t manage to get a pic when all the cups were done because apparently, my phone quit recording right after the above capture! UGH!

Here they are after 3 days of sitting to cure!

cups all filled with concrete ready to be turned into christmas trees
concrete fully cured and ready to be made into christmas trees

To remove the concrete from the cups, you will need a sharp pair of scissors to cut the rim and then you just tear them down the cup!

removing the cups from the concrete after they are cured

Here they all are ready to be crafted into some Christmas Trees!

Concrete removed from all the cups sitting upside down waiting to be turned into trees!

Making the DIY Christmas Trees from the Concrete

Take all your concrete cups and stack them however you like them! I liked using some of the smaller cups as trunks of the trees and some I used candlesticks for the trunks! Play around with them and find what you like, it doesn’t have to be the same stacks as I did!

Once you have the stacks the way you like them, figure out which finials you like on which cups, and which trees you want to have candlesticks!

I spray-painted the finials and candlesticks with a filler primer first to keep them from looking really blotchy when spray-painted gold! Then I spray painted them with the same Metallic gold spray paint I used on my GoldMercury Glass ornaments!

Here I was ready to assemble!

DIY Christmas Trees being made - epoxing the concrete cups together

Pretty simple, mix up your epoxy…

mixing epoxy to make the concrete christmas trees

Spread the epoxy on the candlestick…

putting epoxy on the candle stick

Turn the first concrete cup you are using upside down so you can make sure it is centered on the candlestick!

Adding the candlestick to the concrete cup

Make sure this bottom piece is level, the concrete may be slightly unlevel due to air bubbles and such so take time to make sure it is sitting level. If it isn’t sitting level, use a little hot glue to level it out!

adding hot glue to the candle stick to level it out

Flip the concrete cup and candlestick over and add the epoxy again and the next layer of a concrete cup!

adding epoxy again to the next level of concrete to make the trees
Adding the concrete cup

And epoxy again, and concrete again! Lol!

epoxy again to add another layer of concrete to the tree
adding the smallest concrete cup to the tree

Add a little more epoxy for the circle…this was one I made my own little finial on with a circle and a ball on top of it! Epoxy and apply each one!

epoxing the top of the tree to place the finial on top
adding the circle to make a finial
adding the ball to complete the finial and the christmas tree


Completed Christmas tree made with concrete cups

Repeat these same steps just epoxing and stacking your concrete cups until you have a little forest of trees that makes your heart happy!

Five christmas trees made out of concrete and topped with gold wooden finials
Concrete cone christmas trees along with little white ceramic houses

Way to cool, huh?! Well, I can’t stop here, I have so many other projects to get done and share with you all! See you soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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DIY Christmas Trees made from concrete poured into cups and stacked!
DIY Concrete Christmas Trees are the unique Christmas decor you have been looking for!
How to Make Christmas Trees to decorate any space out of concrete poured into solo cups!
DIY Concrete Christmas Trees

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