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DIY Master Bathroom Renovation – One Room Challenge

Hey everyone! I am here to announce that I am joining the Fall One Room Challenge! I am going rogue on my DIY master bathroom renovation, I am completely remodeling it on a tight budget, in only 6 weeks, and with limited help! ???? I mean that’s the plan anyway! Lol!

I started the Fall ORC back in 2017 and didn’t finish my kitchen in the 6 weeks! Then I entered the Spring ORC in 2018 and started my master bathroom but I didn’t get it finished! As a matter of fact, I really haven’t even worked on it since! I know what you are thinking…this lady is crazy! ???? That I am my friend, that I am! But I have been in such a negative slump lately that I think a rush to actually get some things finished and accomplished around here will be just what I need! I make myself crazy sometimes the way I do things! ????

So here is where the previous attempt at my master bathroom started!

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation

Don’t mind that if you go back, or remember because you have been following along for a really long time…I was using my bathroom as my kitchen still when I decided to renovate the bathroom! Can we say, delusional? Yep, I was! Lol! So now I have the kitchen finished and for my sanity am going to work my butt off to get the master bath completed in 6 weeks…which it is actually 5 weeks if you don’t start the week before the announce date! Make sure and stop by the One Room Challenge website to see what everyone else it doing this challenge as well!

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

Yep, this looks half demoed…but it wasn’t! This was before I ever got my hands on it!????

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

Don’t mind me…or the mess in the mirror! Lol!

Anyway, I hope to kick butt on this bathroom and get it renovated so I can move on to another bathroom and finally get my boys’ room done for them! Let me show you a little about where we left off and what my plan is for the room!

You can read all the details of what we did the first time around…

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

And then my hubby and I got into a fight…and I was DONE dealing with him and this bathroom! Lol! I mean I didn’t divorce him or anything, just needed a little break from the bathroom AND him helping me! And I realized how crazy I was for destroying a room when the last room wasn’t finished…so I went back to work in the kitchen! ????

Here’s my original plan for the DIY master bathroom renovation!

Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

Like most all my plans, it has changed slightly! I originally didn’t want to change the vanity or the mirror…but after realizing that if anything goes wrong with the bathtub plumbing, we will have to rip the vanity out at that point or mess up the tile work, I decided if I build a vanity I can build the last cabinet free standing and moveable so that we can slide it out to do any work. And that means I get to add the extra sink like I think all master baths should have and so then I also get to change out mirrors! Woohoo! I am excited to get started…and get finished! Lol! I have a NEW adventure I am starting soon and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Here’s the new plan for the master bathroom remodel!

DIY Master Bathroom Renovation - One Room Challenge

Basically just switched a few things up but not too much different! Try not to make fun of my drawer pulls! ????

I am still going back and forth actually on whether or not to do a wood tone vanity or a gray vanity? Modern or more traditional vanity style? Wood tone mirrors or gold or black frame mirrors? Black or gold light fixtures? It is not easy deciding all the things at once! Lol! I have to just decide and roll with it since it’s GO time baby! I guess next week will show a lot of my decisions… hopefully anyway!

Have you ever tackled a DIY master bathroom renovation? Did it goes as planned? What do I need to be ready for? LOL! Help me out in the comments below! ????

I can’t wait to get started tomorrow! I say that because I really want to finish my fireplace that I started FOREVER ago! Lol! Hope you follow along as I update the master bathroom and cheer me on when I am ready to give up! Lol! Make sure and follow me on Instagram to see all the behind the scenes shenanigans! Have a great weekend!

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