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DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

A Christmas tree is not complete without a tree skirt or something around the base to cover the metal stand! Gone are the days that people are using skirts, instead they are changing it up with a Christmas tree box stand which covers the base and looks amazing too! Build yourself a DIY Christmas tree box stand with this simple step-by-step tutorial!

DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

This only took me a few minutes of building because I wanted it as imperfect as I could get!! Lol!! I wanted it OLD looking, and well used…and I think it turned out perfectly imperfect!😉

DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

I was recently driving through town and there was a bunch of old fence wood laying out by the road, of course, I swung around the block and ran up to the door of the home nearest the heap, and asked if they would mind me taking some of their trash wood!! They were all, “Have at it, you crazy lady!!”😜 Well, they didn’t say that, but you know they were thinking it! 🤣

So once I got my tree out of the garage and flocked it myself because I decided this year I was LOVING all the flocked trees I was seeing on Instagram but I couldn’t justify spending all the money on a new tree when yeah, my tree isn’t the BEST tree, but it sure wasn’t worth retiring just yet either!! You can read about how I flocked my Chirstmas tree if you would like! I flocked my tree and some wreaths, and I had such a good time! It only cost me $20 and my tree looks like a whole new tree!

Flocked Christmas tree and wreaths hanging on barn door and presents are under the tree

After all that flocking, I started decorating, all the while not being sure of what I wanted for my skirt! Then as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across an adorable picture by @rusted_design and knew exactly what I would do with that fence wood I had picked up the other day!! She actually used an old wagon top but since I didn’t have one of those just laying around, I could easily make one close enough that it would be just right!

Gathering Supplies for the DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

So, now that I have caught you up on all that I have done since November…LOL…we can build this DIY Christmas tree box stand! Just a note: make sure and measure your metal tree stand because this just fits around the existing stand it won’t actually hold the tree up and they are all sizes. Mine was a triangular shape that measured 22″ each way! The measurements of my crate are 30″ L x ~24″ W x 11 1/4″ H

Materials for the DIY Christmas tree box stand:

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  • Broken up old fencing…or 4 new cedar fence pickets and some scrap wood pieces for the outside or if you don’t have scrap wood, go ahead and pick up 5 cedar fence pickets
  • brad nailer and 1″ brad nails
  • wood glue
  • scrap wood of 2x any size

Cut List for the DIY Christmas tree box stand:

  • 4 – fence pickets cut @ 30″
  • 4 – fence pickets cut @ 23″
  • 10 scrap pieces cut @ 11 1/4″
  • 4 other scrap pieces cut of 2x @ 11″

Building the DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

Now I am not going to be super detailed here because the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, and it’s your basic crate, nothing fancy!

One thing worth mentioning, when you look at my pictures you will see two different size boards, the top being larger than the bottom, the fence boards I used were larger than standard cedar pickets, they were more like a 1×8 and then a ton of them were broken into almost a 1×4, if you like this look you can always buy the wood accordingly, just be aware that 1x8s in cedar are pretty expensive compared to fence pickets!

If you are using old wood, you will definitely want to scrub it down first to make sure you don’t bring any type of creepy crawlers into your house!! Here are my boards sitting out to dry after being washed!

DIY Christmas Tree Crate Stand

Isn’t it beautiful!! All old and worn, used and torn up!! Makes my heart go pitter patter!

I cut 2 pieces to 30″ leaving the really worn end on the board.

DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

I used broken pieces that were smaller in size to attach the two pieces together! I just used wood glue and brad nails. I used 1 1/4″ brad nails but most of them went all the way through so I put 1″ brad nails on the materials list!

DIY Christmas Tree Crate Skirt

It’s looking so cute already!!

Then repeat this step to make a second side that is 30″! And you pretty much just repeat this two more times, but cut your pieces to 23″ instead of 30″ to make your two smaller sides!

Here is where we use the 4 extra scrap pieces of wood…mine is scrap 2×3 in pine and maybe 2×2 in cedar…I am not even sure of the size, to be honest, and it doesn’t really matter!! Just cut them and glue them to the inside this time…

DIY Christmas Tree Crate Skirt
DIY Christmas Tree Crate Skirt

I flipped this over and stapled them from the front so I wouldn’t have to change brad nails!

I took all the pieces inside to staple them around the bottom of my tree and I was so excited I didn’t take pictures of this step, but just line up the 30″ sides to cover up your scrap pieces on the inside and glue and staple!! Before you know it, you have a beautiful crate around the bottom of your tree!! Woohoo!!

DIY Christmas Tree Crate Skirt
DIY Christmas Tree Crate Skirt
DIY Christmas Tree Crate Stand

All lit up and ready to host some presents!! I better get wrapping!!

If you have any questions or comments about building your own DIY Christmas Tree Crate Stand, feel free to spout off down below!! I would love to see your versions if you make one!!

Hope your Holidays are Merry and Bright!!

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DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand made of old fence wood or barn wood! Looks like a worn old crate under the Christmas tree!
DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand - Adorn the bottom of your Christmas Tree with this beautiful crate made of barnwood instead of a tree skirt! Looks so great and hides the ugly metal stand perfectly! Use it elsewhere in the home as decor when not in use under the tree! Paint or stain it to match your Christmas decor!
No need for a tree skirt when you build this beautiful Christmas Tree Box Stand out of barnwood or pallet wood you can get for free! This can be used after the holidays for many other purposes as well! #barnwood #diychristmastreestand #diytreeskirt
DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand

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