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How to Make a Shadow Box for Christmas

There is something so classic and nostalgic about a Christmas shadow box! This one is so easy to throw together and can be hung on the wall or set on a table! You can make this Christmas shadow box in a few minutes and display it for years to come!

DIY Christmas Shadow Box with fairy lights on with a white house and bottle brush trees - How to make a shadow box

If you follow me on Instagram, YEARS ago I posted this DIY Christmas shadow box that I made after seeing some in a few high-end stores! As I was pulling out all my Christmas decor this year, I realized I never showed y’all how to make a shadow box like this Christmas one!

It was one of the easiest Christmas projects I have made and yet I still use it year after year, so I figured I would share just in case you want to make one too!

DIY Shadow Box with white ceramic house and bottle brush trees with fairy lights

How cute is that?! 😍

This adorable Christmas shadow box is so cheap to make! I whipped it up in a few minutes, maybe an hour when counting the time to let the paint dry! Lol! It would be fun to make four or five of them to make a walled village to save tabletop space!

I have several inexpensive little houses, so I changed the house out to one I hadn’t painted! I love white, but the color is really cute too!🤩

How to make a shadow box with mirrored background, fairy lights, small ceramic house with bottle brush trees

Want to see how to make a shadow box of your own…there is still plenty of time before Christmas!

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DIY Shadow Box up closer with house and bottle brush trees

Gathering the supplies to make a Christmas Shadow Box

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Let’s get started!

Materials for a DIY shadow box:

CUT LIST for DIY Shadow Box:

  • 2 – 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 17″
  • 2 – 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 12″

Steps on How to Make a Shadow Box

Step 1

Take your picture frame and spray paint it with the metallic silver paint so it has a slightly reflective effect but is not so shiny it’s a mirror! Of course, I cannot find pictures of me spray painting mine so there’s that…I guess I should have posted this project when I made it! Lol!

After the mirror is painted, cut your MDF or project boards down to size and paint them black! I just used regular old black acrylic paint! Make sure and paint both sides as they will both be visible!

black paint to make the Christmas shadow box
How to make a shadow box for Christmas - the boards I used to make the box

Next, I added swipes of silver over the black just to give it a little more of that wintery/ Christmas look! I used metallic silver acrylic paint. Again, paint both sides!

silver paint I used showing how to make a Christmas Shadow Box
painted boards for the DIY shadow box

Step 2

Build the shadow box!

Use super glue to attach the boards to the picture frame and each other, then brad nail the boards to each other!

Making the DIY shadow Box, adding the boards to the picture frame

Step 3

Add the battery operated fairy lights. Hot glue them on the bottom where you want to start them, and then hot glue them along the top, bottom, top, and bottom until you are back at the other side, you can go up and down as many times as you want or your lights have length for! Sorry, I really don’t have a photo showing this step, but you can see from the finished photos what I mean!

Showing the lights in the DIY Christmas shadow box

I love these lights, they have a timer on them, so once I turn them on in the evening when I set the shadow box out, they come on automatically every evening!

Leave the battery box at the bottom in the left corner, it will add a hill for your trees to sit on!

battery box in corner of the DIY shadow box

Step 4

Add the decorations!

Lay down your quilt batting, I just used a small square and folded it in thirds, then laid it in place and tucked the corners a little! Then, just added decorations on top!

DIY shadow box quilt batting to make the snow
folding the quilt batting for the Christmas shadow box
folding the quilt batting for the snow in the shadow box

I used cheap ceramic houses and bottle brush trees, but you can use anything you want to decorate the shadow box with! You can make some fur trees like I made for ornaments and use them in there, make pipe cleaner trees, the ideas are endless…just have FUN with it!🤩

house before I painted it white for the DIY Christmas Shadow Box

I spray painted this house white to use in my Christmas shadow box, but then I also rearranged it with the colored house as well! I loved it both ways!

Set them inside, and you are literally DONE! It was such an easy project but I can’t help but love to use it every year…and I am not like that with many things! Lol!

CHristmas shadow box up close of the ceramic house and bottle brush trees

This is the perfect substitution when you don’t have the room for a full on Christmas Village! You can make a couple of these boxes to hang on the wall in both vertical and horizontal orientations and have the cutest little winter village!

DIY shadow box - how to make a shadow box - Christmas shadow box
DIY Christmas Shadow Box - how to make a shadow bo

Have you made any cool Christmas crafts this year…or even years ago? LOL! I would love to see them!

I hope you all are having the best holiday season enjoying family and friends!

Wishing you peace, love, and joy!

Cara - The Inspired Workshop signature says XOXO, Cara

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DIY Christmas Shadow Box collage of pictures of the shadow box
DIY Shadow Box for Christmas
Collage of pictures of the DIY Christmas Shadow Box
Collage of pictures of the Christmas shadow box I shared how to make
two different pictures of the shadow box with the words DIY Christmas Shadow Box on it and simple wintery scene
Image of christmas shadow box with words at the top -DIY Christmas Shadow Box

How to Make a Shadow Box for Christmas

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