PB Teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

Hey there!! Happy Friday Eve!! I finally have a new post for you all…it’s two super easy shelves I modified from cute jewelry holders I saw at PB Teen! I needed a little something above my son’s bed, and although I had come up with many other FUN solutions…none of them seemed to work out. The PB Teen inspired suitcase wall shelves are simple but yet hold some of the things he wanted to display! I’m happy to fill the blank wall…he’s happy to display some of his ‘treasures’!! Win-win!! Lol!!

PB teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

PBteen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves


The PB Teen version of this is super cute for holding a girl’s jewelry, and you can easily add the hooks to make this one…but since my son doesn’t have jewelry to display…Hehe…I used the idea and made small modifications in size so it can be cut out of one 1×4 board!! It took me only a few minutes in the garage to cut and staple it together, paint it, add the finishing touches and hang it on the wall!! Perfect for my summer projects since my littles don’t really want to give me much time to build this summer!! Haha!!

Material List: (medium and small are the same…if you want to build both just double the materials)

1 – 1x4x8

wood glue


brad nailer or you can use finishing nails and a hammer

door or drawer pull

4 metal angle brackets (from the roofing section)

small screws for the brackets and drawer pull (the ones that come with the pull are too long)

hanging hardware


Cut List: (medium)

2 – 1×4 @ 21″

2 – 1×4 @ 14″

1 – 1×4 @ 12.5″

1- 1×4 @ 13″


Cut List: (small)

2 – 1×4 @ 18″

3 – 1×4 @ 10.5

To get started with the medium size shelf, I cut the outside ‘box’ of the shelf first and decided to cut the other two boards as I went to make sure I didn’t cut them too short in the beginning…if you want to make this out of one board there is NO room for error!! Haha!! I sanded the boards before attaching them together…I knew it would be really hard to get in the tight spaces once it was all together!!

PBTeen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelf

Next I used wood glue and then stapled the ‘box’ together to make the frame of the shelf!

PB Teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

I then cut the vertical board (sanded it) and placed it about  inches from the left side…stapling from the outside down into the board with some wood glue as well!

PB Teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

Last you cut your final horizontal board (sand it before attaching) to fit in between the vertical board and the right side of the ‘box’!

PB Teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

Viola!!! Yep, it was THAT easy I tell you!!! Pick your favorite paint or stain color…paint/stain it…pick a drawer pull you like, or you can order Suitcase Handles online that look a lot like PBTeen’s version…I just am really impatient and liked the pulls I found enough to use them!! Here are the ones I used!

PBTeen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelf

I just used my drill to screw them in and used these little corner brackets for a little character and to tie the shelves into his under bed boxes that I made a while back!!

PBTeen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelf

PBteen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

Added some hanging hardware….DONE!!!

PBteen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

PBteen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

The small shelf is just as easy…I cut all my boards in the beginning for this one, and then realized I needed to go more narrow on the shelf so I placed the short boards on the outside of the long boards and so I ended up having to cut down my middle board…did that make any sense? Next picture shows how I put the box together…but you can do it where the short boards fit inside the long boards and then all three will be cut the same length…I just didn’t have room!!

PBTeen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelf

Same thing…sand first, wood glue, and staple!! Looks like I didn’t sand very well…Haha…I knew I was painting…I wasn’t real concerned!!

PBTeen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelf

See how I placed the long boards inside the short ones! I then had to cut down my middle board by 1 1/2″ and then apparently forgot to take a picture!! So go ahead and attach that one now!! Lol!!

Whoop Whoop!! Paint or stain…hanging hardware…hang on the wall baby!!!

PB teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelve



PBteen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves


PB teen Inspired Suitcase Wall Shelves

I love simple easy projects that I can complete in little time but that add just the right touch to a space!! Thanks for reading!! Have a great Thursday!!!

Remember, whatever you BUILD or CRAFT, I just hope you LOVE every minute of it!!

Lots of Love,


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