DIY Bookshelf with Barn Door – Arhaus Inspired

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Hey everyone!! I’m so glad to be back today to share this DIY bookshelf with barn door with you all!! My mom actually sent me a pic of this bookcase when she and my Dad were in Arhaus one day, and I, of course, added it to my To-Build List immediately!! LoL!! But, unfortunately, like so many things on my list, I had forgotten all about it…until the other day on IG (by the way, do you follow me on Instagram? If not you better get over there and follow me!! Ha! @theinspiredworkshop) @McNellyfarmhouselove posted it…and it stopped me in my tracks, and in that instant, I knew it was my next project!!

DIY Bookshelf with barn door - Arhaus Inspired

What do you think? I think I’m in love with this bookshelf, and I think it’s the barn door that made me fall in love!! I have also realized that this happens to me with pretty much every project!! 😍 Well, actually I think I’m just in love with the fact that I got this completed! No, not really, I’m sure it’s true love!!

So, if you are still unsure of what to get your Valentine…problem solved!! Build them this here bookcase and they will love you forever! You’re welcome because, yes, I do have free plans for you to build this over on BuildSomething.com!!

Bookshelf with Barn Door - diy build all finished and decorated

She’s a real beauty, you know I almost couldn’t even put the barn door on it because I thought it was so gorgeous without it!!! It is unique and I can’t get enough of it!! Enough about me, let’s see some more of her!! Here she is without her barn door!

DIY Bookshelf without barn door - Arhaus Inspired

What are you waiting for? Go on!! Get the free plans from BuildSomething!! Have you checked out their site yet? I have done several awesome projects with them and so have MANY other seriously talented bloggers!! You must check it out!! Build Something is Kreg’s DIY website where you can get free plans for all sorts of projects, vanities, media cabinets, beds, tables, you name they probably have it…and all the plans include the easy to use Kreg Jig(affiliate link)!!

Barn Door Hardware for the Bookshelf

While you’re over there checking out all the UH-Mazing plans, I’ll be over here trying to type up the post for the super easy and inexpensive barn door hardware!! UPDATE: Here is the VIDEO and the step by step tutorial for the Cheap and Easy DIY Barn Door Hardware! I can’t believe I put off making anything with a barn door because I thought it would be hard…Psshhtt, it was nothing like I figured it would be!!

With this tutorial, you can literally put a barn door on anything and everything you want!

Building the DIY Bookshelf with Barn Door

I wish I would have taken photos of the step by step building of this DIY bookshelf but I was on one heck of a time crunch with getting it built! Luckily, the Sketchup plans available on Build Something are even better than my messy photos!

What Finish Did I Use on the Bookshelf?

I have had a couple of people ask what stain I used on the bookcase! Well, would you believe me if I said it is painted with a glaze? The color is Valspar Moose Mousse flat paint, followed by Valspar Antiquing Glaze! I thought the back of the bookshelf was too dark when I painted it the same color as the rest, so I used a little alabaster to lighten it up, and it changed the whole look of the bookcase!

Want to check out other great furniture builds like this one? Here are a few of my favorites!

Hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!! Hope you get to spend time with someone you love and maybe get to even build something!!! Lol!

Happy Building!!

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Barn Door Bookcase - Arhaus Inspired


    1. Hey Sandy!!! Thank you so much!! It is actually painted not stained!! I love lighter color stains but they just don’t work on the 4x4s when they are a reddish pink like mine were, so I tried painting it and glazing it to look almost stained!! I used valspar paint in moose mousse and valspar antiquing glaze!!! Hope this helps!! Thanks for stopping by!!

      1. I am super late to the party but I had a question! Did you have to do anything after the wax?? Or is that the last step?

    1. Hey Sandy!!
      I still can’t wait to get the hardware plans out…life went a little crazy and I didn’t get them posted when I wanted to and I am sooo sorry for that!! Be on the lookout though because they will be coming up in the next two weeks, complete with video!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Have a great one!!!

    1. Ahh!! I don’t know how I missed your comment!!! Thanks so much Mindi, I appreciate your sweet words girl!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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