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DIY Wooden Heart

Hey there!! Oh MY Garshness!!! I am so excited to be teaming up today with a few other amazing bloggers to bring you a Heart Attack!! We have all created a project just in time for Valentine’s Day that you could make as well for yourself or someone you want to show some love to!! Make sure and check out the links below and see ALL the projects…there are some pretty cool ones!! Also, you can join in on the fun by hash-tagging your creations #makersheartattack!

DIY Wooden Heart

Alright, so for the reveal of my Valentine’s Day project, I made a heart…no way right!! Haha!! And that’s not the only part that is not surprising…I also made it out of wood!! Bwahaha!! You would have never guessed right!!! Well enough about it, let’s see it!! Here she is!!!

DIY Wooden HEart

Isn’t she cute? Okay, now I see where that missing piece goes!! Lol!! I flipped it over to attach the rope and had a spare piece laying on the counter that I guess I forgot to glue, I looked quick and was like, “Must have been an extra!!” Oh no it wasn’t!! Bwhahaha!!!

Anyway, here are the links to check out the awesome projects of everyone else who joined in the fun!!

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So, it seems since the new year started, I have wanted to avoid all my large projects, and just do small organizing and decorative projects…which I have thousands of this type of small project that need done so it’s not a waste of my time!! LOL!!  So when I was asked about joining this group to make some sort of Valentine’s project I was super excited!! I could just step into the garage for an hour or two and let my mind dream and there isn’t really a way to mess up, so it becomes a project that I really enjoy because the stress melts away and disappears when I work on something like this!! Hahaha!!

DIY Wooden Heart

I couldn’t decide what finish to do on it…I wanted to be bold and do hot pink or red, but couldn’t bring myself to do it!! Lol!! So, I lightly white washed her instead!! Maybe I will update the post with color later!!

This was the easiest heart to make but I love that it looks almost complicated at first glance!! It’s made of four different size dowel rods and a scrap piece of 3/4″ plywood!! We’ll get down to the nitty gritty of it below!!

Materials List:

2 – 1″ dowel rod (you may not actually need two…I wasted a bunch of my first one trying to find out what size I wanted to make them)

1 – 7/8″ dowel rod

1 – 3/4″ dowel rod

1 – 1/2″ dowel rod

scrap piece of 3/4″ plywood roughly 15″ x 15″

scrap piece of 1/4″ plywood roughly 3″ x 3″

Rope or ribbon

wood glue

brad nailer


hot glue gun or stapler

Set the saw to 50 degrees off square, both ends of the dowel rod will be cut this was, that is what gives them the long look!

Since I had to cut a bunch of these little fellas all the same length, I just used the clamp that holds a long board in place and clamped a piece of wood there to be my stop so I could cut a bunch the same length, without measuring!!


I cut about 40 of the 1″ dowel rod pieces! Then lining them up around the edge, glue and brad nail!

DIY Woorden Heart

I did the same thing with the 7/8″ then the 3/4″ and last the 1/2″!

DIY Wooden HEart

As I worked my way to the middle it got a wee bit mumbo jumbo, so that is when I decided on a small heart in the middle…to cover up my not-so-well thought out plan!! Ha!! I just cut it out of 1/4″ plywood with my jig saw and gave it a little sand….and then glued it in place!!

DIY Wooden HEart

I flipped it over and first super glued the rope, but it wasn’t working so well, so I hot glued that baby and it worked great!! Bing-Bang-Boom-Done! Hang that sucker up and enjoy your oh so simple project that everyone will think you spent days on!! Lol!!

DIY Wooden Heart

Can you believe it’s already February?!! Where does time go? Hope you make the most of it and enjoy the month!!!

Happy Building,




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