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DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

This post is sponsored by Build Something and Kreg!

Hey Everyone! So this is my FIRST post as The Inspired Workshop! It’s so strange since it was Build It Craft It Love It for four years!! But change can be good at times…right?! That’s what I try to make my non-change loving self believe! LoL! Anyway, I am so excited to be posting the plans for the cutest little dollhouse jewelry cabinet that you can DIY as a Christmas gift or Birthday gift for any little girl on your list! And I have partnered with Kreg for their #madewithkreg Holiday Campaign to show you how you can use their amazing array of tools to do it!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Doesn’t this make you want to be 5 again!! Ahhh! It sure does for me! Luckily my niece will get to enjoy it! I love that it can be hung on the wall or set on a table, dresser or night stand! So stinking cute! Plus, I may have tried to steal the little cat when I left! ????

Pottery Barn Kids knockoff dollhouse jewelry cabinet

Click here to be taken to the FREE plans at BUILDSOMETHING.COM!

I cannot get over this cuteness! Now I cannot take credit and act like I just dreamed up this idea on my own, I saw one just like this at Pottery Barn Kids, I just wasn’t liking the $189 price tag (plus shipping and taxes) when I had a bunch of scrap 1/2″ plywood lying around my garage just begging for a project to be built with it! Lol! If you aren’t that lucky to have 1/2″ plywood lying around, it will only take a small 2×4 project panel from your local lumber yard! You can get a PUREBOND plywood panel at Home Depot for only 15.00! That’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself! And then your special little princess won’t be breathing in formaldehyde the whole time she’s playing dress up!

I purchased the window and doors pre-made at Hobby Lobby! Add in a few extra trim items and boom, that’s so much cheaper than 189 bucks!

The materials and cut lists are offered at Buildsomething.com!

I want to show here how I was able to use a few of Kreg’s tools that you may not realize are so helpful, especially if you don’t have a table saw, or you have one but you can’t really use it because it is so impossible to get the blade square. ???? The full plans are not below…they are at Build Something!

Building the Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I used Kreg’s new and improved RipCut to rip me a couple 4″ ‘boards’ from the sheet of plywood! The new and improved RipCut has a handle that the previous one didn’t and I must say…for someone who DOES NOT like to just upgrade stuff, if it’s not broke, I am not replacing it! Lol! But this handle makes it So. Much. Better. No joke, no lie, it is so easy to keep it from sliding around with the handle!

Kreg Accucut

I’m not left handed, but I didn’t have anyone to take the picture while I was cutting, so this was the best I could do! Lol! But check out that handle…something so simple can make something work so much smoother!

Out of these ‘boards’ I cut the side walls, and middle divider! I also ripped a 5 1/2″ piece for the bottom and added very small molding around the edges! You can find the one I used at Home Depot but I couldn’t find it on their website…it is in their section of better trim boards (wood crown molding and rope molding), and it is 1/4″ x 1/2″ x 96″. Hope that helps you find it!

DIY Dollhouse jewelry cabinet

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I tried something new on this jewelry box and cut dados to hold the shelves inside the jewelry box and I was able to use the Kreg Accu-cut to do it!

They are small pieces, and I needed them to be lined up perfectly or my shelves would sit crooked in their slots! I used Lizzy’s trick from @thehouseoftimber on Instagram! Go follow her immediately if you enjoy watching people BLOW YOUR MIND with a scroll saw!! She made my logo recently and her work in person is every bit EVEN better than it looks online! Anyway, so to keep your small pieces lined up, place painter’s tape along the back of the pieces. Then using spray adhesive, glue them onto a scrap board!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

This is the back above, covered with painter’s tape and I sprayed the adhesive here. Flip them over and hold them down for a few seconds! I used Loctite General Purpose spray adhesive which you can find at Walmart, Amazon or any craft type store!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

The pics are a little blurry since I am taking them one handed! Lol!

Now you can set your Accu-cut where you need it. I marked 4 3/4″ up from the bottom, and then the plywood is a 1/2″ so I made another mark a 1/2″ up from the 4 3/4″ mark (find all the specifics in the post at BuildSomething.com) as that is where my dado will stop!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Set your saw on the track and make the cuts, moving the Accu-cut over an 1/8″ or so each time until you get to your other mark! The dado should then be 1/2″ wide!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Once you get them cut, peel the painter’s tape off and your wood it good as new without any sticky!

They are not perfect dados on my first try but I didn’t expect them to be! Lol! And just ignore the MESS behind the photo! I starting cleaning my garage and yeah never did quite finish! ????



After pocket holing the sides and middle divider, I cut and pocket holed the roof supports!


Next I was able to cut and fit the shelves into their dados! This was an exciting moment for me! ????


You can tell on the bottom shelf, that I leaned my saw and cut a little too deep on one swipe…whoopsy daisy! ???? So, don’t do that, okay!

Next, I cut the backs out and on the large side I drilled the holes where the necklace pegs will go so that when I cover it with fabric I will not have to drill through it! I don’t know if you have ever tried to drill through fabric but it just wads up on your bit! Lol! So if you drill them before hand, you can just cut the fabric where the hole is…I’ll show you below!


Don’t mind the bad cut there…that would be my handy work when trying to rip it on the miter saw…bad idea when it’s over 16″!???? Lucky for me, I’m covering it with fabric or else I would be having to cut another piece!

I used the same Loctite spray adhesive to adhere the fabric as I did earlier to stick the boards down while I cut them! Just spray the fabric and the wood…but not too much because it will seep through the fabric and stain it…ask me how I know!???? Attach the fabric and smooth it out over the wood. After it has sat for a few hours, use a razor blade and make small X slits in each hole so the peg can fit in it’s hole! Glue them in with super glue or wood glue!


I did not attach the fabric covered wood to the dollhouse until after everything was painted so that I didn’t have to worry about getting paint on it!

I also threw together those little boxes to sit on the shelves! Super easy and simple! Glue and brad nails get the job done!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Brad nail the boards together, flip it over and brad nail the bottom on!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I cut the doors out the same way as I did the back…and lets just say, I should have taken my time to cut them, but I was in a super time crunch with my niece’s birthday and may have gotten a little sloppy on the window cuts! Lol! After cutting out the main shape of the doors, I traced all the windows and the door onto them and cut them out with my jigsaw…it would have been better to use the scroll saw, but it had a broken blade! Anyway, so I cut the doors and windows out and luckily all the cuts are hidden by the windows and molding but still I a hate to see the imperfections when it is open!

I sprayed everything with my paint sprayer! I would have spent hours trying to get into all the nooks and crannies of this thing! But with a 5 minute spray down, it was so much easier! I sprayed it all separate and then put the doors and such on! Here is the best darn sprayer in the west! Lol! They are not paying me to say that or anything, I just think you should know because it is definitely a time saver on ALL my projects! Get yourself one if you haven’t…just wrap it and put your name on it under the tree! ????

By the way, in case you are wondering…I painted the dollhouse Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams, and the trim is Pure White by Sherwin Williams as well!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Once the paint was dry, I attached the back panels!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Now I can’t forget about the roof!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I cut the roof boards all the same length and then beveled them on one end so they will lay flush against the wall! They are beveled at 24 degrees off square the same as the sides were mitered! I set up a stop block on my saw so they would all be the same length!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

You can also do as I did in the pic and miter them on their side if you don’t have a bevel option on your saw! I do but chose to do it this way!

Once they were all cut, I used a small piece of pvc pipe to create a round guide to round the corners.

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Then I used this old sander of mine that was from Harbor Freight and left out in the rain and weather but somehow manages to work just fine! Lol!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I hand painted the roof boards for two reasons…first because the paint sprayer kept blowing them away…they were too lite weight to stand up to the force of air coming from that thing and second the house was already painted so I couldn’t attach them and then spray them because I would have to do too much covering of everything! Lol! So I hand painted them, attached them and then had to fill tiny nail holes and paint again!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

I painted the roof boards Dorian Gray by Sherwin Williams!

I cut the doors out the same way as I did the back…and lets just say, I should have taken my time to cut them, but I was in a super time crunch with my niece’s birthday and may have gotten a little sloppy on the window cuts! Lol! After cutting out the main shape of the doors, I traced all the windows and the door onto them and cut them out with my jigsaw…it would have been better to use the scroll saw, but it had a broken blade and I couldn’t find my new blades (common problem when your workshop is a total mess)! Anyway, so I cut the doors and windows out and luckily all the cuts are hidden by the windows and molding but still I a hate to see the imperfections when it is open!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

See the ugly…then we cover it all up! Lol!

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

Watch out! Now look how cute it is!

I drilled the hole in the door and the left side near the window for the knobs to be glued. Here are the knobs I used, the windows and the necklace pegs! They are all from Hobby Lobby! If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, I think you should be able to order them online! I found links to the same items, different brands on Amazon if you would like to purchase from them instead! They are affiliate links!

Necklace Pegs

Door knobs

windows rectangle – I couldn’t find the arched windows on Amazon! Sorry! And just so you know, 2 of the rectangle windows will not fit on the doors! You would have to adjust the measurements and make it quite a bit taller. I did find these small square windows that you could make work!



Last I just used 1″ utility hinges to attach the doors to the dollhouse! I laid them flat on the outside to keep from raising the doors up! I don’t have a really great picture of this but you can kinda see below!

Pottery Barn Kids knockoff dollhouse jewelry box

Dollhouse Jewelry Box

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinet

DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Box

I hope you build one of these adorable DIY Dollhouse Jewelry Cabinets for a lucky little lady in your life as well! Get the full plans over at BUILDSOMETHING.COM Happy Building!!



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