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DIY Wine Dispenser

Gone are the days when you have to have a reason to drink wine! You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone if you drink box wine, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone if you are drinking wine in the middle of the day, but you will have to explain how you made your boxed wine look so good when you place it in this DIY wine dispenser!

DIY Wine Dispenser

Hello, is that not the best way to hide the fact that you are the classiest lady in the neighborhood and buy boxed wine?😜 I mean no one likes a show-off Karen! I must admit, I am not actually a big wine drinker, I know…gasp!😱 I may become one as of the building of this fancy wine dispenser, but for now, I will just sip my tequila out of the bottle and leave this on the counter for guests to enjoy! Who am I kidding, I’ll actually be drinking coffee trying to stay awake!😂😂 #partypooper

Look how quickly and easily you can use this wine dispenser!

Adding the bag of wine to the dispenser

Load it with your favorite wine, stand it up, and place the lid on top! Ready to serve!

Dispensing Wine from the DIY Wine Dispenser

I really love it! Now I have SOOOOO many ideas swirling around about other designs that you could do with it! Apparently, I am all about dispensers, lol…did you see my DIY Cup Dispenser?

DIY Wine Dispenser

You have to check out the other really great projects from all my other friends as well! They brought their ‘A+ gifting game’ man! I love doing the challenges mainly just to see what all the other ladies build and create! It is so much fun! Scroll down to the bottom to click all the links and show them some love!

Now back to this here DIY wine dispenser, let me show you how to build your own!

Gathering the Supplies for the Wine Dispenser

Materials for wine dispenser:

Note: You can do this even cheaper out of 1/2″ MDF or 1/2″ plywood but I just purchased hobby boards from Home Depot that were made of poplar, they are 1/2″ and come in all kinds of smaller sizes! The total cost of wood was a little less than 20 dollars.

Amazon links below are affiliate links (all other links are not, they are just to help you find the items I used)! As you may have read before on my site, affiliate links may earn me a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase (you do not have to purchase the item that you clicked the link of, any item you buy after clicking the link will count), it is at no extra cost to you… and helps me keep all the plans free here on The Inspired Workshop! It’s really a win-win and I appreciate it!😊

…and your favorite box wine baby!

Cut List for wine dispenser:

One of the things I enjoyed most about this DIY wine dispenser as a gift is that you can whip it up in a couple of hours, not days or weeks like a lot of my DIY ideas!

  • 2 – 1/2″x6″ @ 14″ (sides)
  • 1 – 1/2″x6″ @ 14″ ripped down to 5 1/4″ (back)
  • 1 – 1/4″x6″ @ 14 1/8″ (front)
  • 1 – 1/2″x6″ @ 6 1/4″ (lid)
  • 1 – 1/4″x6″ @ 6 1/4″ (bottom)
  • 1 – 1/4″x6″ @ whatever is left over after cutting the other two pieces! Mine was like 3″, and then I cut the 6″ side down to 5 1/4″. (this will be glued to the lid piece to hold it in place).
  • After cutting the above pieces, I used the remaining 1/2″x6″ and ripped it into 5/8″ strips to make the base.
  • 4 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 4″
  • 2 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 6 3/4″
  • 2 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 5 1/2″
  • 2 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 4 1/2″
  • 1 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 5 5/8″

Building the Wine Dispenser

This build is a pretty simple rectangular box, so I started out by cutting all my main pieces. Before assembling, make sure and cut your grooves for your front piece to slide into. I cut them on the table saw, with my blade raised about 1/8″ out of the table, I set my fence to about a 1/8″ as well. Run both of the boards through all the way through the saw, then move the fence over 1/8″ and run them again. You may need to run them one more time to make sure the front board fits in the grooves.

All the pieces to build the box of the wine dispenser

You cannot clearly see the grooves in this photo, but they are in the very bottom boards, and to the inside of the boards.

There are a couple of other ways you can cut the grooves for the door if you don’t have a table saw. You can use a router with a 1/4″ bit, or you can use a circular saw the same way you use the table saw. You can even use your miter saw if you place a stop on the arm.

Once you have the pieces cut, you can start assembling the box. I like to place my pieces on a raised surface when I am using the brad nailer so I can keep it level. This prevents the brad nails from shooting crooked and popping out in an unexpected area!

I also used painter’s tape to try to hold the pieces while I was brad nailing. Make sure and use ample wood glue to hold it together. The brad nails are only used to hold it together until the glue sets, not as the actual fastener!

Brad nailing the box together

I did slide the front piece into the box to hold the boards in place while I brad nailed it, just make sure that no glue gets on it!

I brad nailed the bottom as well, again with plenty of wood glue, none along the front!

DIY wine dispenser

I just left the top piece alone, for now, it will just be a lid so there really isn’t anything to do with it just yet!

Next, I let that sit to make sure not to stress the glue joints while it dries. I started on the base. I built the top square of the base using 2 of the 1/2″x5/8″ @ 6 3/4″ and 2 of the 1/2″x5/8″ @ 4 1/2″

Base of the wine dispenser

Once that is glued and brad nailed, you can add the ‘legs’ (4- 1/2″x5/8″ @ 4″).

Building the base

Flip it over to make it easy to attach the rest of the legs!

Attach the 2 – 1/2″x5/8″ @ 5 1/2″ to the shorter sides, and the 1/2″x5/8″ @ 5 5/8″ to the center of those boards once attached.

Completed Base for the wine dispenser

Once the base was complete, I let it sit for a couple of hours as well to make sure the glue had time to set since it is only brad nails holding it together!

Next, I added glue along the top of the base and sat the box on it, but you can’t actually brad nail it, so I just placed heavy items on top to act as a clamp until the glue dried.

Glueing the base to the box

While that was drying, I went ahead and stained the lid so I could add the knob. I also glued the little leftover piece of 1/4″x6″ to the underside of the lid. I made sure that it was glued to the back of the lid to where I could place the lid on top and slide it back into the perfect place. I hope that makes sense!

I then placed a piece of painter’s tape to keep the wood from splintering and then drilled a hole.

Drilling a hole in the lid

Add the knob!

Added the knob to the lid

I stained this with my FAVORITE stain Old Barn Stain in Weathered, but on this poplar, it looked green still through the stain so I then went over it with Golden Oak by Rustoleum. Then it was the perfect warm grayish color!

Back to the box, I made a complete ROOKIE mistake! I decided in a rash decision to drill the spout hole while it was in the grooves so that I wouldn’t drill into the floor with my expensive Forstner bit. DUMB, DUMB idea Cara! I knew that it was only 1/4″ wood but I thought maybe it would be okay because it wasn’t a large span in between the boards! NOPE, it broke in half…the whole board as the bit broke through the board!😯

drilling the spout hole

So then I had to glue the board up and hope for the best because my Home Depot didn’t have another board, I bought the last one they had! Lol!

Gluing the damaged board

Luckily, it worked pretty well! You can see the line sometimes but it isn’t obvious!

I then placed painter’s tape on the front board where I drilled the spout hole because I had to cut the hole in half.

I also made ANOTHER rookie mistake here, I forgot that I was cutting this board and didn’t allow for the extra 1/8″ when it was cut. Mine has a small gap, a blade width size gap at the top because of it! Oy!🙈 I adjusted the cut list though so that it won’t happen to you!😆

I glued the small bottom piece into the grooves and left the large piece free to move up and down.

DIY Boxed wine dispenser
DIY Bag wine holder

Place the lid on top, stand that baby up, and pour you a glass of wine! Don’t mind if I do!

Dispensing Wine from the DIY Wine Dispenser

I have an adorable idea to easily change out a label so that you can show what kind of wine is in the dispenser but Amazon still has not delivered my package, so I will update the post once I make them!

DIY Wine Dispenser

Ooh, la la! I love it!

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Have a wonderful week!

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DIY Wine Dispenser
DIY wine dispenser shown from different angles
wine dispenser shown being used
DIY Wine Dispenser


  1. I followed this project to the “T” and enjoyed making this BUT……

    Builder beware!

    The 1 1/8 hole for the spout doesn’t fit! (At least in Canadian wine boxes)
    I would suggest buying the wine bag first then measuring for the proper size of hole you need. I also drilled the hole at 2.5” up from the bottom an worked great!
    But now have to rework the size In order to fit proper

    Also for those wondering with all these measurements the 3L bags only fit! Just a heads up so you don’t buy the 4L bag thinking you’re ready to rock :p

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Chris! This is definitely something to take into consideration, I had no idea that there were different size spouts! I will check this next time I go to the liquor store, as now I am curious if it is a US vs Canada size thing as all the ones I have ever bought fit perfectly! I will add notes to the blog post to make sure no one else has the issues as well. Can you tell me, was the 1 1/8″ hole too big or too small for your wine spout? Thanks so much for commenting and helping others that may be building this! I appreciate it! Thank you for stopping by! Have a good one!

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