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DIY Wine Caddy

Hey hey! Are you ever searching for great DIY gift ideas? I am always looking for fun stuff to make as gifts and with Valentine’s Day coming up, and Birthdays throughout the year, I have the perfect DIY gift for anyone who loves serving wine! This DIY wine caddy (would you call it a wine server?) will help them effortlessly transport wine from the kitchen to the dining room or living room to share with guests!

DIY WIne Caddy

This is the perfect beginner project if you received tools at Christmas or just want to try your hand at woodworking! It is such a simple project that will have you trying out new skills and tools, or if you are already a skilled woodworker, this project can be whipped out in a matter of minutes!

DIY Wine Server

This DIY wine caddy is made using hobby boards from Home Depot which are only 1/2″ thick and made of poplar, but I could only imagine this made from an exotic hardwood species…it would be epic! So someone please make it out of gorgeous wood and send me pictures!😉

DIY Wine Server Tray

I can’t wait to invite my girlfriends over to have some wine just so I can use my wine caddy!😂 Are you ready to make one for your next get together? Let’s do it, I’ll show you how!😏

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DIY Wine Caddy

Materials: DIY Wine Caddy

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-1 – 1/2″x6″x4′ hobby board (they only show them in a large pkg online, but they sell them individually in store!)

-1 – 1/2″x2″x4′ hobby board (they only show them in a large pkg online, but they sell them individually in store!)

3 1/2″ hole saw

3/4″ Forstner bit

miter saw


brad nailer

3/4″ brad nails

wood glue

Cut List: DIY Wine Caddy

-2 – 1/2″x6″ @ 22″

-2 – 1/2″ x 2″ @ 22″

Building the DIY Wine Caddy

Step 1

After cutting your boards to size, measure 4 3/4″ from the end of one of the 1/2″x6″ @ 22″. This is where you will place the drill bit of the 3 1/2″ hole saw (center of the hole saw). Drill the hole!

DIY Wine Caddy - drilling the hole for the wine bottle

DIY Wine Caddy

Step 2

Measure for the next hole that will round out your slot for the wine glasses. And drill the hole.

DIY Wine Caddy Server

DIY Wine Caddy - making the wine glass slot

DIY Wine Caddy - making the slot for the wine glasses

Step 3

Measure and draw lines for the wine glass slot. The slot will be cut with a jigsaw and if you clamp a straight board as a guide, you can cut it rather quickly…and straight!

DIY Wine Caddy - building the wine caddy

DIY Wine Server

It should look something like this, only I’m sure you measured better than I did so you weren’t off slightly on your circle! Lol!😳😅

DIY Wine Caddy

After some sanding and a little wood filler, it is hardly noticeable! 😅

Here is a Sketchup picture just to help you see the measurements!

Wine server

Step 4

Make sure and sand everything down really well if you need to…like I did!😆 Also, you may want to stain the bottom board and side boards before gluing?! I did not do it this way, but it would have been a little easier than trying to get my sponge brush inside after it was built!

Glue the 1/2″x2″ pieces to the bottom board of the wine caddy(the one without any holes drilled in it).

DIY Wine Caddy

Step 5

Add the top, line up all the edges, make sure to use ample wood glue, and brad nail in place!

DIY Wine Caddy

Flip it over once you have the top nailed and nail the bottom as well!

Step 6

Use wood filler to fill in your nail holes…and any mistakes you made! Lol!

DIY Wine Server

Step 7

Stain or paint it the color of your choice! I used  Old Barn Milk Paint Stain in Weathered! IT IS MY FAVORITE STAIN EVER! (I am not sponsored by them, I do not make money off of that link, nor did they send me a free product, I pay for it the same as you and still love it that much!😂) Not only is it the perfect warm grayish brown, but it has a built-in topcoat…and you want to know the BEST part…it’s safe and non-toxic! That is my kind of product right there!

Your wine caddy or wine server, or whatever you want to call this beauty…is DONE!

DIY Wine Server

This is not a bad gift at all! And if you use the same hobby boards I did, you are only at 14 dollars to make it, if you already have the expendables on hand (wood glue, sandpaper, etc). You better get cracking so you’ll have them made in time!😀

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And as always, HAPPY BUILDING!

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DIY Wine Caddy

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