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DIY Lap Desk for Bed

Hey there! After finishing my beautiful four-poster bed last week, and not wanting to leave my bed with all the rain we are having😅…I decided to whip up this super easy DIY lap desk for a bed that can be built out of scrap wood, and now I can be working while resting!! I love that I can now get work done in the time that I would normally just watch tv. I have to admit, I feel pretty cool using my lap desk too! 🤓 So, I’ll show you how to throw one together…I mean I don’t want to be the only cool one around here!😂😜

DIY Lap Desk how to build a lap desk

Isn’t it cute! It’s heavy-duty too! Lol! It literally only took me an hour and a half from start to finish! I LOVE projects like that, so quick and easy to build but yet, I have used this lap desk in bed EVERY DAY since I built it!

DIY Lap Desk - Me working hard on my lap desk

It has plenty of legroom too!

DIY Lap Desk Build

You want to build your own lap desk and work from bed, too? Let’s do it! The one drawback to this build right now is the cost of lumber! A 2x12x8 currently costs $30 here, but it was 40 bucks just last week, lumber is on its way down it seems!! And one board will make 2 laptop desks, so if you have someone you need a gift for, what a perfect opportunity to give yourself something great and someone else! But if you don’t have scrap wood to use up as I did, then if you just wait a month or so, they should be FAR cheaper again! Talk about happy dancing, I CANNOT WAIT for lumber prices to fall!! Lol!

If you want to wait for lumber prices to fall, PIN IT to save for later!!😊

DIY Lap Desk - Quick and easy build to help you get work done from bed!

Gathering Supplies for the DIY Lap Desk

Materials Needed to Build the DIY Lap Desk for Bed:

***Note: Amazon links below are affiliate links. Affiliate links pay me a small percentage if you make a purchase after clicking a link, at no extra cost to you! It helps me keep providing plans for you at no cost! That is a win-win if I have ever seen one! 😉

1 – 2×12 @ 40″

1 – scrap piece of 1×2 about 18″ long or two small pieces about 9″ long

1 1/2″ screws – these are my FAVORITE screws because they get started without any problems, every container comes with a bit, and I think they look good too! They are cheaper at Home Depot, I just shared the link so you can see which ones they are!

miter saw or table saw that can bevel

wood glue


-stain of your choice – I used Old Barn Living Stain in Weathered

Cut List to Build the DIY Lap Desk:

-1 – 2×12 @ 22″

-2 – 2×12 @ 8″ ends beveled at 10 degrees off square, ends parallel

-2 – 1×2 @ 9″ ripped down the middle at 10 degrees off square (creating 2 1x1s beveled on one edge at 10 degrees off square)

Building the DIY Lap Desk for Bed

Get your pieces cut to size! If you look closely at the 1x2s you can see that I had already ran them through the table saw to rip them down to a 1×1 beveled on one edge at 10 degrees off square.

DIY Lap Desk for Bed

I sanded everything before putting it together!

Each 1×2 will be kept as if it wasn’t ripped, then slid apart 1 1/2″ to hold the leg at the 10 degree angle and screwed into place. I set each one in an inch or so and centered on the board, put some glue on it, marked it to make sure it didn’t move and screwed it into place!

DIY Lap Desk

How to Build a Lap Desk for Bed

I used the leg in between the two boards while I was screwing the mate in on the other side.

DIY Laptop Desk

Here’s what it looks like once all the boards are in place!

DIY Lap Desk Build

Now you can keep the legs separate to where you slide them in and out and take them apart to store, but I screwed mine in and made it permanent!

DIY Lap Desk


I used glue on the top of the leg and screwed through the sides of the same 1×2 boards to keep it in place. Plus, as I said, I LOVE the look of the screws! They add the perfect little touch of character to it! (Especially when they are even!😂😂🙈)

It’s built and you are ready to work from BED!!! The best spot to get all the work done! I’ll never work anywhere else! Lol!

DIY Lap Desk for Bed

DIY Laptop Desk

So easy to build this laptop desk, and will make such a great gift idea for yourself or anyone on your holiday list, mother’s day, father’s day, or when anyone’s birthday comes around! I know both my kids have asked me to make them one! LOL!

Want to share this with someone who may love it as much as you?!

If you make one, I’d love to see it! Happy Building!

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DIY Laptop Desk





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