Easy DIY Garage Shelving!

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday!!! This weekend was so wonderful…warm and sunny…not to brag since so many of you were in some very cold temperatures… but because of the beautiful weather here, I was able to get my garage cleaned, organized and a new shelf built! WOOHOO!!! Yep and it was such an easy DIY garage shelving unit that I just had to share it with you!!

Easy DIY Garage Shelf Tutorial

 Well, almost all the way cleaned…I still have more to clean…

I am not a very organized person naturally, I have to work REALLY hard to be organized! LOL! I can work in complete chaos so I don’t normally like to spend time cleaning the garage when I can spend that time building!!! Hahaha! But this weekend I was on a mission…I had to clean it up to open the floor space because I am going to be starting a big build that I am SOOOOO excited about, yep with all that plywood!!

Anyway, a few weeks ago…heck maybe even months ago now…Ana from ana-white.com posted easy 2×4 garage shelving & so when I got the crazy hair to tackle the garage I knew I would use her plan because it is sooooo easy to build! She wasn’t lying! Find the amazing video turorial on how to do it at Ana’s site HERE!

I will give you a very quick walkthrough of what I did here as well since I adjusted her plan a little, Ana built her shelving huge – they are 20 ft. long I think she said! I would LOVE that…but let’s be real…how about 8 ft.! That’s all I had room for! Lol!!! Since I don’t have a lot of wall space in the garage, I added peg board to the back of one of the shelves to give me a place to hang some stuff that I didn’t want to lay down on the shelves, because then, before you know it, it’s one big pile and you can’t find anything you are looking for…and then I am back to square one as if I didn’t have shelving! That would so be what would happen too! No lie!

Now, let me set aside my dignity and pride…if I even had any of that to begin with…haha…and show you what it looked like before I built the shelf…BEWARE…it is a MESS! If you are very organized and scare easily when you see a disastrous garage, you may want to close your eyes and scroll through this next picture!! LMBO!!! Please do not Pin this picture…unless it is to your board of nightmares! LOL!

Garage shleves

Wow, that was rough right! Embarrassing to say the least! Well, I am just glad it doesn’t look like that anymore! Yea!!

Alright, the dimensions of my shelf are 8 ft. long by 7 ft. 6in. tall and 21 in. wide. My original plan was just to build it 8×8 but my ceilings in my garage are 8 ft. tall…yea, that wouldn’t work now would it! So I just bought the 2×4 studs @ 92 5/8″ So that I still wouldn’t have to cut the boards! Whoop! That is the great thing about this project…you only have to cut a few support boards that go underneath the shelves, other than that you use everything off the shelf, which is why I used Ana’s plan…so simple…& Simple is my middle name…okay, not really, it’s Michelle but it should have been Simple! LOL!

Material List:

22 – 2x4x8

6 – 2x4x92 5/8″

2 1/2″ wood deck screws


4×4 sheet of peg board

1 1/4″ wood screws

Cut List:

15 – 2×4 @ 18″ (you can make these a little shorter if you prefer)

That’s it – that’s all the cutting you have to do! Can you believe it? Pinch…yep, we are awake and not dreaming! Ha!

All you do after that is build your “legs” which are going to support the 2×4 shelves.

You will use 2 of your 2×[email protected] 5/8″ and place the 18″ boards every so often – I did every 22.5″ …that leaves one shelf at 23″ but I was okay with that! You could do this part however you wanted though, you could make six narrow shelves or 3 very large shelves or 4 shelves like I did! This is why I DIY folks…you get to decide how you want to do things! Ha!

Garage Shelves tutorial - Build It Craft It Love It

Just screw the 18″ boards from the outside with 2 1/2″ wood deck screws. Bam! Make three of these…stand them up where you want the shelf to be, leaving 41″ in between them, and attach your 2x4x8’s by sliding them through the three supports you made and screwing them down! Four boards per shelf and using the same size screws you just screw the 2×4’s to each support.  Thanks to my hubby, he actually helped me with this project and it only took us a matter of about 2 hours from start to finish! This is what it looks like all finished up!

Build It Craft It Love It

Ana used four 2×4’s across the top as well to make that a shelf but since mine was so close to the ceiling I opted to only use 2 for structural support and save the other 2 -2×4’s to build something else! Lol!

At this point I decided to place peg board on the one shelf. I just bought a 4×4 sheet of pegboard and cut it directly in half…it said it was 4×4 but it was really 40″ x 48″ so it didn’t completely cover the space…anyway, we just used 1 1/4″ screw on the back of the shelf to hang it…sorry I didn’t take pictures, once I loaded it up with wood, it was waaay too heavy for me to move when I realized I hadn’t taken pictures! This turned out to be the best part of this project…now I know why everyone hangs their tools on one! They are so much fun…they make all kinds of hooks and straight hangers, you can go crazy and put them anywhere & everywhere you want! Oh how fun it is! Plus, the best part was I just created a lot of extra storage space for some NEW tools! Oh Yeah!

Garage shleves5 (1 of 1)

It is so perfect because I can easily see all the wood I have on hand and pull any out that I want to use!

Garage shleves2 (1 of 1)

Look at that BEAUTIFUL PureBond plywood on the bottom shelf! I can’t wait to start the project that I cut that for!!! Pssst…make sure to follow me on Instagram to get sneak peaks along the way!

You have no idea how great it feels to finally be able to walk through the garage without hopping around and tripping and falling all over to get to my saw! LOL! I still have half the garage to tackle! I have realized I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my boys’ old toys and things…like bikes they have outgrown or their little wagon they don’t fit in anymore and a lot more stuff that they won’t ever use again…it is all just taking up space, but it makes me cry to even THINK about getting rid of this stuff! I may have a problem! LOL!

I won’t think about that right now…only the happy thoughts about how clean HALF of my garage is! Hehe!

Garage shleves3 (1 of 1)

Look at all that space I have to fill! Well, it won’t be as spacious when I clean off my work table but it is amazing the amount of space this shelf has to offer! Oo la la!!

Build It Craft It Love It


I better run so I can get started on my other projects in my almost clean garage! Have a great week! Make sure to sign up for email notification of new posts so you never miss a beat!!

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Whatever you BUILD or CRAFT, I hope you LOVE every minute of IT!

Lots of Love,





    1. Thank you so much!! I really can’t take credit for the design as Ana White (www.ana-white.com) came up with the original plans, I just altered them a little!! LoL!! I appreciate your kind words!! Thanks for stopping by!! Have a good one!!

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