DIY Slim Console Table

This DIY slim console table is the perfect furniture piece to compliment a narrow area in your home! Build this slim console table to adorn a hallway, narrow entryway, or behind a couch as a sofa table! So many uses for this unique console table you are sure to be able to use it somewhere!

A slightly side angle of the DIY Console Table with rattan baskets on the lower shelf

I have been getting so much shop time thanks to my sweet children being so great!! I love summertime, a time without schedules and commitments…just my boys and I doing what we please!!! They even helped me out some building this DIY console table!!🤩

Gray and White Truss DIY Console Table with books and plants some candle sticks and a black lamp

If you follow me on Instagram, I gave a sneak peek yesterday of this table, and gave a little back story on it surviving a severe storm!! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I will wait for you to click over and hit follow…go ahead, I’ll be waiting right here for you to come back!! 😉

Alright, done…great!! 😜 Long story short, I was going to throw out this console table after it was thrown around in a storm…but when I went to load it up to take it to the dump…it was perfectly fine…nothing wrong with it at all!! So I then had to keep it, I felt like it was a survivor and needed to be extra loved!! And it is now…it happens to be my favorite build…just until I finish another, but you know…it’s getting its love!!

DIY slim truss console table

I call her a slim console table because she comes in at only 11 1/4″ wide…just perfect for those tight spots that you need a decorative table but can’t have one because they are all too wide!! LoL!!

The console table is really long coming in at 7 feet!! But, even being this slim, it is super sturdy, no worries about it falling over…now of course if a little one was to climb on it…it would fall over so make sure and properly attach items to the wall if children climbing on them is a concern! When my kiddos were little I used little straps like THIS!

Narrow Console Table with farmhouse deor on it including brown paper wrapped books, some plants, candlesticks and a lamp

This was my first time trying dry-brushing/whitewashing and I was left wondering, “Why, would I ever fully paint something when this is so much faster and easier!!” 😂I love everything about this table, I am not sure why…but I do!!

It has so much character…and I must say, I cannot take credit for the design…I saw this table on Urban Farmhouse Designs Instagram feed, but I couldn’t find it for sale on their site…they have some crazy talented designers designing and building their furniture so I couldn’t in good conscience sit back and take credit for the design…I knocked it off!! Lol!

DIY Console Table

Well, now that I have talked your ear off, what are we waiting for…let’s get started building my friends!! Well, maybe one more look at this beauty!!

DIY console table with full wall view of the wood frames of board game engineering prints

Sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog post in that one!! Is that wall art to die for cute or what??  I want to change out the actual prints for something that goes a little better here but I am in LOVE with the wood picture frames I made out of some 1x2s and leather!!

Gathering Supplies for the DIY Console Table

This table cost me only 75 bucks to build, but with current INSANE lumber prices, you can expect to spend around 175 to build it! That is still a bargain considering the cheapest console table at Walmart I could find was $300 and there isn’t a single piece of solid wood on it! Lol! And Urban Farmhouse would probably be charging in the thousands for this same table!

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DIY Slim Console Table

Alright, if you prefer to see my messy garage and step-by-step actual photos, read on! 😅 Plus at the bottom of the post, I have linked up to all the great finds that I decorated this cutie with, so make sure and scroll down if you would like to look at / purchase any of the items you see!! {They are Affiliate Links}

Materials List for the Console Table:

**NOTE: Amazon links below are affiliate links! Affiliate links pay me a small commission should you make a purchase after clicking one of my links, at no extra cost to you! It’s a real win-win for both of us, you get what you need from Amazon, and I make a wee bit of money to help keep bringing you free plans for great stuff!😉

Cut List for Console Table:

  • 1 – 2×12 @ 84 1/2”
  • -2 – 2×6 @ 85 15/16” ends mitered 10 degrees off square, not parallel
  • -2 – 2×6 @ 84”
  • -4 – 2×6 @ 19 3/4” mitered 10 degrees off square, ends parallel
  • -4 – 2×4 @ 19 1/2”
  • -2 – 2×6 @ 8 1/8” sides beveled at 10 degrees off square and ripped down to 4 57/64”
  • -4 – 2×6 @ 8 1/8”
  • -2 – 2×2 @ 79”
  • -24 – 1×4 @ 8 1/8”
  • -4 – 2×4 @ ends mitered to the lines I drew on the board, ends not parallel
  • -4 – 2×4 @ ends mitered to the lines I drew on the board, ends not parallel

Building the DIY Console Table

Alright, now to get started on building the console table, I’m going to tell you that I messed up one of my first steps and I would like to keep you from doing so!! Once you cut your first 2x6s @ 85 15/16 ends mitered at 10 degrees off square, ends not parallel, go ahead and cut your 2x2s @ 79″ and get them attached, so you don’t do what I did!! Lol!!

cut boards for the console table

If you do it correctly, you can attach them from the inside with 2 1/2″ screws and glue, set it down 3/4″ on the board… and that’s the end of it…I forgot to do this step, even though I reminded myself to do this step!! I had to fill in a bunch of countersunk holes with wood filler!! Not the end of the world, just a waste of my time for not listening to myself!! LoL!!

Moving on!! Attach the side pieces (2x6s @ 8 1/8″ top and bottom beveled at 10 degrees off square, and ripped down to 4 57/64″) now to make a long rectangle!! You can’t get a standard size drill in this space since it is so narrow, I just drilled 2 countersunk holes on each end of the boards and used 2 1/2″ screws along with glue to attach them! Ripping this small board down allows the 1x4s to sit flush in another step or two, remember how we set the 2×2 down 3/4″ on the 2×6? They should meet up flush!

showing the 2x6 with beveled edges looks for the narrow Console Table

If done correctly the 2×2 would already be in the pic below!! 

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

Attaching the Legs to the Console Table

Next, attach the 2x6s @ 19 3/4″…I call them the legs! I set them inside the bottom board 1″! Pocket holes can be used here since you have a little more room to get a drill in there!! If you have not used a Kreg Jig before, see this console table post!! It will explain everything!!

It’s pretty simple to use actually, your holes are drilled at the actual depth of the wood…so we are using 2xs, but they actually measure 1 1/2″. Our holes will be drilled at 1 1/2″! So simple right?! Make sure and drill your pocket holes on the top and bottom of the legs at this time! Use 2 1/2″ screws and glue to complete the attaching!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

See how there are 2x2s in the above pic…should have been there from the very first step, but as long as you get them in there, it doesn’t matter which order you did it in! 

I added the 1x4s at this point so I wouldn’t be working around all the boards…you could have added them before placing the legs…up to you! I just glued and brad nailed them with 1 1/2″ brad nails!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

Now attach the 2x4s @ 19 1/2″ center supports to the center of the bottom board…the center line in between the 2x4s should be at 42″ from the edges of the board! Two in front, two in back, pocket holed at 1 1/2″ pocket holes, 2 1/2″ screws, and wood glue!! Moving right along!! Almost done!! 

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

I kind of skipped around when building this, so my step-by-step here is slightly different than what you may see in the background of the pics…but trust me, the order I’m telling you to go in is far better than the order I went in!! I am offering you my wisdom at no cost…that’s something very valuable right there!! 😂😜

I added the 2x6s @ 8 1/2″ at the tops of the legs for added stability that wouldn’t be seen! Just get them flush with the top of the legs and pocket hole them (1 1/2″ holes, 2 1/2″ screws, and glue) on the top and you don’t have to worry about a drill not fitting inside!! LoL!! I don’t have a picture of this step so I used the one from the printable plans!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

Imagine the 2x4s are already in the center!! Lol!!

Building the Top Frame of the DIY console table

I built the top box on the ground and then lifted the whole thing onto the legs! You can add board by board to the legs though, up to you! Take the 2x6s @ 84″ and drill pocket holes all along it facing upwards to attach the table with later…it’s a lot easier to drill them before you put it all together though! It will be 1 1/2″ pocket holes again since the wood we are working with is 1 1/2″ deep/wide! Taking the other 2x6s @ 8 1/8″ you will have to countersink screws along the front of the 2x6s @ 84″ to attach! Use 2 1/2″ screws and wood glue!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

I went ahead and even attached the 2×12 @ 84 1/2″ before I attached it to the legs! Just lay your 2×12 on the ground, flip your rectangle box you just put together over on top of the 2×12, place a little glue around the outside of either before putting together and use 2 1/2″ screws to attach!! Yeah, man!! Just like that!!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

Now you can ask someone to help you attach it to the console table!! It is long and awkward, so a little help is always great!! Make sure and place glue on the ends of the legs before placing it on top!!

I know many people say gluing an end of a board does nothing, it may not be as strong as a normal glue joint, but I’ve taken the screws out and because of a mistake tried to hammer the boards apart, and cannot get them apart without a serious struggle…like me standing on one and hammering the other!! So glue does something for the strength I’d say!!

Use 2 1/2″ screws, and attach the top to all the legs and center supports!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

Don’t mind the mess behind this photo…it’s wild out here some days!! 🤣

Adding the angled trusses to the console table

The angled trusses are a little harder to explain since I didn’t sit down and go through my old textbooks and figure out the exact angles…I just held the board where I wanted it, clamped it there, and then drew lines where I needed to cut the board!! Yesss!! Master carpentry at its finest, I know!! 😉😂

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

I used the miter saw unconventionally to make the cuts…but it worked… if you choose to try this, make sure you have the board fully supported on something so it doesn’t slip!!

DIY Slim Truss Console Table

I can not be held responsible for any accidents that may happen while you are woodworking…I only share with you what I have done…if you try things, you do so at your own risk!!

Once I had the miters cut…I pocket holed the boards, 1 1/2″ holes, and 2 1/2″ screws with wood glue!! I took a picture because a lot of people don’t realize you can pocket hole mitered boards!

mitered board clamped into Kreg Jig and drill drilling the posket holes
the unfinished side of the console table showing the angled boards

I used lots of wood filler, one because the edges of my 2x6s and 2x4s were rounded so it makes it look as if there is a gap, even though there isn’t, and two because I had to use countersunk holes to attach a lot of it!! Lol!! All you got to do is fill them in, sand them down, and boom…DONE!!

Finishing the DIY Console Table

I used Varathane Weathered Gray to stain the entire thing, then I came back with Rustoleum Linen White Chalk paint and dry brushed it! For those who may not know what dry brushing is, you dip your paintbrush ever-so-slightly in the paint and then dab off or brush most of the paint on a paper plate and then use the very minimal paint that is left on the brush! This was my first time trying this technique and it was SOOOO easy!! I want to dry brush everything!! Haha!!

Viola!! It is complete!!

Narrow Console Table with farmhouse deor on it including brown paper wrapped books, some plants, candlesticks and a lamp
DIY Slim Truss Console Table

And that about sums it up!!! I hope all your questions are answered somewhere in the post but if not, be sure to ask away in the comments or send me an email at [email protected]!! I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend celebrating the great men in your life!!

DIY Slim Console Table
collage of pics of the slim console table from two different angles - table is gray and white with angled boards along the front
DIY Slim Console Table
DIY Slim Console Table


  1. Hi! OMG I just love this. I am going to build one myself. I can’t wait – it’s exactly what I was looking for.
    My question to you… I only have the space for a 5foot rather then 7. Do you suggest that I go with smaller wood width for the trusses or keep it as is…

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer!! I probably would go a little smaller…maybe 2x4s as the outside boards and 2x3s on the inside! Hope that helps!! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your kind words with me!! Have a great one!!

      1. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1749ed3b77cd55f9e5c63b24b390d24951dc914bf44437ee60a542947f865d6a.jpg Hi Cara,

        First off, I would like to thank you for sharing your tips and for your inspiration. I completed my first piece of diy wood furniture. I modified your table to accommodate my space. It’s 5 feet long. I did the dry brushing technique and love it. I’m want to do more! Once again, thank you. I can’t wait for my next project…a tv console stand!

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