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One Room Challenge – Week 1 – Kitchen Makeover

Hey Everyone! I am beyond excited for today’s post because I am throwing my hat in the ring as a guest participant in the One Room Challenge and I couldn’t be happier!! The one room challenge is a bi-annual challenge to makeover/remodel one room in just six weeks! Find out more HERE and see everyone else’s awesome plans for the challenge!! Knowing how awful I am at getting stuff done on my own, I decided a little challenge is just what I need to whip me into shape!! ???? Find out more HERE and see everyone elses awesome plans for the challenge!! It’s a MUST, people are wicked talented and I can’t wait to follow along with their progress!!

One Room Challenge - Week 1 - Kitchen Makover

One Room Challenge – Week 1

During the One Room Challenge, we post weekly to share any progress we have made on the space during the previous week and then the final reveal comes at the end of the six weeks which will be November 9th!! Wish me luck people, I’m going to NEED it!! Lol!! So today we announce what room we plan to transform and share what the plans we have for transforming the room! I may be jumping in over my head but I REALLY want to makeover my kitchen!! Here is the before of my kitchen! It is dark, on dark, on dark!! But if I can manage to work magic over the next 6 weeks it will not be any longer!!


One Room Challenge - Week 1

One Room Challenge - Week 1

Now, here is my plan for the space! This will change more than likely somewhat as I go through the challenge but I am hopeful that it will turn out beautiful like my inspiration pic!


I mean I’m not changing anything with the layout, just going to update the space as best I can on a tiny budget and with a tiny amount of time!! Lol!!

So over the next six weeks I plan on stripping cabinets and repainting them, re-pouring the concrete counter tops, chiseling the concrete off the back wall and replacing it with tile, maybe changing out the sink and adding legs to the island!! And if I can squeeze in the time, I would love to build some new bar stools, but I may have to buy them or build them after the challenge!! I have been metal working you know, so I may tackle these here!! ???????? Sometimes I crack myself up…if you could only see the SMALL project that have ‘metal worked’ on you would be laughing too!! ???? These here are cheap enough I really don’t see a need to make them anyway! Get them HERE! (affiliate link)

One Room Challenge - Week 1

I haven’t done too much in the realm of remodeling/makeover of rooms so I’m a little scared but the excitement is blasting my nervousness out of the water!! Did you ever see my desk makeover? You can see it HERE, simple as it was, it is the reason I am doing this challenge! I let it take me almost six months to do something that should have taken me maybe a week, so I am hoping the challenge will keep me on track and not let time slip by! Make sure and sign up to be notified of new posts so you don’t miss any of the excitement of this makeover!! See that HELLO bar at the top of your screen, go ahead enter your info, it doesn’t hurt at all!!????

Let’s see a little more of this not so hot kitchen before we go shall we! Goodbyes can be so hard, but not when they are letting go of the outdated and bringing on the modern!!
One Room Challenge - Week 1 - Kitchen MakeoverAnd yes, those drawers always come out…does anyone have a trick for keeping them in? I would LOVE to know it and you would make my WHOLE day if your were to solve this dilemma!!

One Room Challenge - Week 1 - Kitchen Makeover

Don’t mind all the boxes and junk in this picture!! ????????

One Room Challenge - Week 1 - Kitchen Makeover

Probably should have given it a scrub down before showing these pics…but I’m too excited to start making a mess up in here that I don’t even care if it’s a little dusty!!

I cannot wait to see this place transform…I hope it all works out as great as in my mind!! ????

So what are your thoughts?! Would you do a kitchen the first go around? Do you think I am setting myself up for failure taking on a kitchen in six weeks? Any special tricks I need to know BEFORE I get started? Let me know below…Or you can just send me good vibes and positive encouragement down below!!???? Thanks for stopping by!! Have an amazing Friday!!

Happy Renovating,



  1. I can’t wait to see this room transform! It’s got fun bones to start with and I love your ideas for the room!

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